Think Big

Robust Trading Platform For Portfolio Managers

Sanctuary is the perfect choice for the Advisor-As-Portfolio Manager.

In addition to strategic counsel and complete operational support, Sanctuary offers all of the specialized trading solutions and tools you need. We provide robust software solutions for trading and portfolio rebalancing, and securities valuation and analysis. We also help your firm win new business from institutions, intermediaries, advisors, as well as individual clients.

Sophisticated Trading Support

Trading is often more complicated than it sounds, but Sanctuary simplifies the process. If you want to use multiple custodians to trade, Sanctuary can streamline the task and give you or your clients a choice of top-tier custodians.

Leverage Your Investment Track Record

One of the most powerful ways for the Advisor-As-Portfolio Manager to succeed is by referencing your performance track record in sales calls. Sanctuary assists with GIPS compliance, so you can market your investment performance as an independent advisor at Sanctuary.

Marketing Your Firm

Sanctuary gives you the playbook book to create your brand and support its ongoing growth. We manage the launch of your firm and lead the process of naming and creating your corporate identity. Then we provide a wide range of marketing support, including social media and media coverage, to accelerate the success of your firm.